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The MASSFORGE Project Community
An Intelligent Agent-Based Multi-Character Animation Project
Demo video: 2-D boid model, 75 vs. 75 combat simulation - Hart & Cunningham 
13th-Dec-2007 11:38 pm

Posted: 13 Dec 2007
Authors: Jack Hart and Duncan Cunningham
Description: Two groups of 75 agents each, flocking and engaging in combat. The flocking uses the Reynolds boid model, and the Ogre3D graphics engine is used for rendering during the simulation. Simple particle systems are used for the rocket smoke trails and explosions. As indicated in the previous post, the movement of agents is restricted to a plane - a limitation that will be eliminated once Massforge moves to full 3-D movement in 2008.
3-D models used: Subaru WRX STi Rally Car (blue and white) and Jeep Cherokee (red)
Acknowledgements: zengeneral for inspiration and early tips

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